Interim Staffing

Director on Demand
A service of Mannarino Consulting is dedicated to providing client partners mid to executive-level professionals on an interim basis during times of transition.  An increasing number of organizations are appreciating the benefits of tapping into a selected and vetted group of proven, high caliber talent. These professionals range from functional heads and technical specialists to C-level executives in the business and nonprofit sectors. 

When would you use a Director on Demand?

  • Bridging permanent recruitment gaps
  • Sudden vacancy (resignations, dismissals, death, injury, illnesses, disability, maternity leave)
  • “Holding down the fort”, pending a final decision on a senior level appointment
  • Managing change of culture, strategy, policy, structure
  • Taking charge of specific projects such as launching a new product or service
  • Part-time management when circumstances don’t warrant a full time role
  • Applying special expertise or knowledge on a project that is outside the organization’s core competency

How does Director on Demand work?
Director on Demand is a highly targeted and very personalized process of assessing the needs of the client and then finding the best person possible to meet them for a determined period of time, generally 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Typically, these roles are full-time based on a retainer. If there are transition times (off ramping or onboarding) then the time can be as little as 10 – 25 hours per week.

Functional areas and disciplines:

Executive Director, CEO/President

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operations Officer, Director of Operations

Chief Development Officer, Development Director

Chief Program/Innovation Officer

Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Marketing and Communications

Director of Government Affairs

Head of Human Resources

Head of Programs

Organizations that can benefit:

Nonprofit Organizations

Small Businesses


Government Agencies

Higher Education

Private Schools, Charter Schools